Jameda International

Mr. Noel C. Blanco is not anymore connected with the company effective June 01, 2022. Any transactions He will enter into, is not anymore related to Jameda International Enterprises
Dated March 16, 2020 Miss Sherdoll P. Galang is not anymore connected with the company. Any transactions She will enter into, is not anymore related to Jameda International Enterprises
Inspection of Jameda owned Cargo Containers (JAMU Prefix) in Navotas, Philippines and the Marketed Cargo Vessel in Batangas, Philippines 12-09-2020.
Last December 12, 2020 the Company's core Executives and Marketing team, visited and inspect its owned Cargo Containers in Navotas, and the 4098 DWT Cargo Vessel in Batangas. The company is pleased and humbled by the VIP treatment it receives from the depot site and the Port. The company had given a chance to meet with the top brass Executives of the Depot, including their General Manager. On Inspection, the Depot's Over-all Chief Supervisor himself had guided the team. The Jameda team is leaded by no other than the CEO and General Manager. The company is thankful for the refreshment offered by the Depot Personnel to the team.
Debut of the Company's Executive Secretary 02-18-2020
Last February 18, 2020 The Company's Executive Secretary Ms. Margaret Asi celebrated her 18th Birthday in Antipolo, Rizal , Philippines. The event was supported by no other than the Jameda International Enterprises CEO and General Manager Ms. Imelda Badajos. The Event was in over all success. Core Officers from Admin and Accounting, Executive and Marketing Division attended that event. Again, belated Happy Birthday Ms. Margaret Asi!.
Singapore based Regional Cargo Leasing Company meet with the Jameda core Marketing Group
A Strong Singapore based Cargo Shipping Logistic Company set a meeting with the Jameda International. The meeting focuses on expanding the market in South East Asia.
American Logistic Company visited Our Office 08 - 23 - 2019
A big trucking logistic company from USA that have Main Office in Texas, USA visited Our office last August 23, 2019. The meeting focuses on smooth delivery of Jameda’s products unto its clients in the Whole USA. This partnership makes Our products more faster and safer in its delivery.
A major chinese player in confab business drop a visit 08 - 20 - 2019
Courtesy visit in Subic 09 - 19 - 2019
Our company's officer visited one of the major importer of trucks in the Philippines. The courtesy visit focuses on delivery of the products nationwide.
Dubai Office Based Regional Company meet the JAMEDA TEAM 09-30-2019
On August 20,2019 marked again a New Milestone of Jameda’s International Market. The Company’s strong presence in global arena was even notice by big Chinese Factories and Investors. On that Day, Jay from China visited the Company’s Office for its proposal of Joint Market Venture.Our Core Marketing Team listens as He demo their product's credibility and reliability.
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